Submitting an Online Show to Us

While we're closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we're still producing shows! Our online shows are broadcast on our channel and our Youtube Channel.   You may submit your idea for a show at any time and we will consider them -- we will get back to with a decision either way. Thank you for your patience.  Below are some guidelines for your submission.

- Our online shows are either a combination of live and pre-recorded material, or live material with people contributing from their own computers, and being live-edited together through OBS or other streaming software.

 - Generally, we're not doing improv because it doesn't work well with people contributing from separate locations. If you happen to be quarantining with your improv partner or group, we'd consider it!


We usually choose ideas that we feel will be a good match for our audience and the style of shows we generally do.  Submissions are decided upon by our Artistic Director, Mick Napier, and our production staff. If we decide not to produce your idea, please know that it doesn’t mean we hate you, or don’t ever want to work with you, or even that we don’t like your idea – it means we don’t think that it is the right thing for our theatre at this time.


We don’t generally produce shows that were previously written/produced elsewhere.

If that all looks good to you, please submit your show to us!

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