Garden Boys: Live Indianapolis

Live from the outdoor festival Indy Eggfest. Part music, part sketch, and part advertisement for Big Green Egg, America's #1 ceramic charcoal barbecue grill, at the very least it's 45 blissful comedic minutes away from your stupid family.

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Suggested donation: $10

Feelz Right Quiz Night : Live-Stream

Feelz Right Quiz Night is a late-night comedy quiz show an inclusive and intersectional Jeopardy! with a healthy dose of dank comedy club vibe. Broadcast live from our living room to yours, the show is hosted by The Quizard (Stephen Sheffer) and Sidekick Mr. Jeffords (John Jeffords). Questions run the gamut: from the political to the austere; from au-moment pop-cultural to guffaw-worthy goofy. Facts are thrown down! Songs are sung! Grab a pen and paper, be a #streamqueen and see how you fare against our cast of contestants in this cornucopia of 1960s bossa nova, gold glimmer, classic cocktails & killer questions. Your brain, our show!

Cigarette Sandwich:Live-Stream Power Hour

The Annoyance Theatre's latest live stream is a watch-along party of snack sized videos submitted by local comedians. Cigarette Sandwich (Chicago's most sketch comedy group) will host in traditional power hour style, screening one video every minute with shots of beer in between. The hosts will be doing some live comedy and audience participation via chat, so... PLAY ALONG! Time has always been a construct, but now it really feels that way. The Power Hour count down gives time meaning again. Grab a few brews, and drink away the chaos, one minute at a time. Watch show on

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