BoyBand: The Musical

BoyBand: The Musical



It's not easy being part of the sexiest, most talented boyband of the 90's. But damn, is it hot. Follow the the all-female cast of Boyband: The Musical as members of super group, "Backwards Action," recount the glory days & sing their way into manhood.

Writer & Director: Ashley Leisten

Music Director: Kimi Arquines

Music Production: Andy Rowell

LIghting Design: Sam Macnerland

Tech Director: Max Laskey

Brittany Flynn: Lars

Gillian Giudice - Li'l Robbie

Alex Madda: Kevin

Heather Meza: Corey

Nancy Payne: Jake

Lily Reed: Phil Daddy

Amber Wallin: Karley Smoochie

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