In 1987, Mick Napier directed a cast of 12 people in the original Splatter Theater. By the end of the show the set of white walls, and actors costumed all in white were completely covered in red 'blood'. Thus, Annoyance Theatre was born, and we have done the show almost every year* since that original production. 

We're thrilled to continue the tradition, for the first time ever, as a live-streamed production.

Thank you for joining us in our ongoing journey, and for supporting The Annoyance, especially during this difficult time. We hope to be back at it again next year, live, onstage. And, we look forward to seeing you all soon, in person, at The Annoyance Theatre & Bar.  Thank you for enjoying this new experience, online.

Mick Napier  -  Owner, Artistic Director

Jennifer Estlin  -  Owner, Executive Producer

*(There were a couple years when we were building a new space.)

We very much appreciate any donations to The Annoyance, all of which are being used to cover our rent, utilities, and remaining operating expenses necessary to keep from closing our doors.

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