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8:30 PM

8:30 PM

8:30 PM

8:30 PM




FLEX is an all BIPOC Improv Team comprised of some the best performers in Chicago. Known for their electric, fast paced and unapologetic approach to improv, The FLEX Improv Variety show prides itself by giving opportunities to underrepresented groups and students alike. The show features solo performers, stand up comedians, story tellers and improv teams and more. Come be part of the party every Wednesday at 8:30pm at Annoyance. Tickets are half price for students anywhere.

An Annoyance Theatre production

Annoyance Theatre Production Team

Artistic Director:

Mick Napier

Executive Producer:

Jennifer Estlin

Managing Director:

Jayson Brooks

Managing Producer

Joe McDaniel

Technical Director

Sam Macnerland

Production Liaison

Anna Vu




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