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Trust & Confidence: A Secret Service Musical

Trust & Confidence: A Secret Service Musical

Annoyance Productions presents a new comic musical that goes behind the scenes of the Secret Service. Everybody knows the Secret Service protects the president, but not every agent gets to be with the Pres all the time and it's not as glamorous as it might seem. For most agents, it's a lot of guarding parade entrances, watching crowds for suspicious faces, and dreaming of greatness. Trust and Confidence: A Secret Service Musical follows a group of agents that strives to reach the top and hits ... somewhere closer to the middle. They also have secrets of their own, including a spicy bromance, delusions of grandeur and a sensual lust for murder. Despite their quirks, by the end of the show, they just may prove that they're, as the Secret Service's official motto says, "Worthy of Trust and Confidence."




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