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8:00 PM

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Wheel of Improv

Wheel of Improv

Part Game show, all improv, where the points DO matter! Two improv teams battle it out in a series of game show inspired short form improv games - such as Spelling Spree, Game that Tune, Last One Landing (a joke), and of course Wheel of Improv. The winner gets to perform a headlining set that very evening! Featuring guest teams Whirled News Tonight, StirFriday Night, Bear With Us, and Lower Wacker Book Club. @wheelofimprov on Instagram to stay up to date!


Meghan Baynes

Carter Wright

Annoyance Theatre Production Team

Artistic Director:

Mick Napier

Executive Producer:

Jennifer Estlin

Managing Director:

Jayson Brooks

Managing Producer

Joe McDaniel

Technical Director

Sam Macnerland

Production Assistant

Anna Vu




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