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Playfulness and Presence with Richie Whitehead




1 Day

NOTE: Registration is Non-Refundable

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About the Course:


August 11, 1 PM - 5 PM

In this workshop, we will explore how playing physical games can be a motor for having fun and generating playfulness and presence on stage. Through exercises and improvisations, we will develop a sensitivity to the audience’s interests and expectations – learning when to go further with material and when to completely change course. This workshop draws from both physical theatre and clown – introducing tools like status, games and rhythm as well as exploring the comedy that arrives from mistakes and how to make use of them by generously sharing them with the audience. Come join us to play hard and fail big!

Open to performers and humans of all levels of experience.

Richie Whitehead is a clown, actor and improviser who loves creating and supporting imaginative, playful theatre. He has studied clown and physical comedy extensively with master teachers Philippe Gaulier in France and Aitor Basauri of Spymonkey (‘UK’s leading physical comedy ensemble’) along with Carlo Jacuci, Dody Disanto and Christopher Bayes. He has created and performed in 7 original works - including solo and ensemble shows and shows for younger audiences. Collaborations between his children’s theatre company Captain Curiosity and Wow O’Clock have been performed over 300 times in the US, UK and France. He is currently touring Bread Crumb, his one-person clown show about a no-nonsense lighthouse keeper, at fringe festivals this summer and in Chicago this spring.

Note: Registration is Non-Refundable.

Please be sure to read through our policies prior to registering.


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