Corporate Entertainment

Comedy breaks the ice and brings people together. The Annoyance offers three fully customizable types of shows for your company or event.


Basic Improv Show

The Annoyance produces some of the best improv comedy in Chicago. Based entirely on your suggestions, our professional comedians improvise a high-energy comedy show that kicks your event into high gear.

Improv and Sketch Show

We combine some of the Annoyance’s classic improv with short comedic sketches from the vast 28-year Annoyance archive.

Custom Sketch Show

We meet with you in advance to plan and create a fully customized show comprised of sketches, songs and games designed just for your event or organization.


Chris J. Rock, Director, Hive Improv Berlin:

"The Annoyance brings the passion and energy to take you by the collar and shake the improv out of you. Players who are often timid were leaping on stage in a frenzy. All the while we hit the marks for a good understanding of improv and the Annoyance Theatre. Excellent instructor and performer."

Tim Stansel, Executive Director, Human Capital, Ernst & Young:

"I found it to be an incredible experience, and the skills you presented were very much applicable to the consulting world."