Joe McDaniel

Joe McDaniel (Director) is a person of a certain age who spent his time somewhere doing various things and is here now. He has previously directed Huggable Riot’s first musical revue, Panic! at the Honky Tonk and appeared in the revue Oedpial Arrangements and their interactive drinking game show Chug It Out. He would like to thank his cast and the entire Huggable Riot family as well as his parents, who gave him his love for music.


Reviews of Joe McDaniel:


Guitar Student

“Joe is a flexible and caring instructor who taught each student with enough personal attention to push them farther regardless of experience level.”


Guitar Student

“Joe is great! I knew nothing about my guitar and he got me playing chords, power chords, my scales. Loved the class!“


Guitar Student

“This is a wonderful class to offer to improvisers and performers and it allowed me to add another skill to my toolbox! Loved it!“

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