Mick Napier

Mick is the founder and Artistic Director of The Annoyance. He came to Chicago in 1987 after studying at Indiana University and with a group of friends, created The Annoyance�۪s first show Splatter Theater. Following the success of Splatter, Mick directed Coed Prison Sluts, (still Chicago�۪s longest running musical) and The Annoyance was on its way. Mick is a renowned teacher of improvisation and has taught classes and workshops all over the world. Mick has also appeared as an actor in numerous television and films including The Ice Harvest, Let�۪s Go to Prison, Second City�۪s Next Comedy Legend, Exit 57 and Talent (directed by former ensemble member Eric Hoffman). Mick has also directed many shows outside of the Annoyance, including David Sedaris�۪ Obie Award winning One Woman Shoe, more than 15 Second City revues, Martin Short & Friends, and Jeff Garlin�۪s one-man show I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With. Review of Mick Napier: Advanced Improv Student ���Mick is pretty fucking fantastic. He gives the most insightful and powerful notes���it�۪s like he sees into the core of who you are as a performer (and, by proxy, a person) and immediately digs deeply into what he feels will be most helpful to you. He presents his ideas in a way that is neither too mushy or sugarcoated, nor too strict or controlling. He is also blatantly honest, which at this level is definitely something I was looking for. And above all that, Mick is knowledgeable about the world of improv and about his style and thoughts on the topic. He references his books���which I loved because we could go back to that at any time. ���
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