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YOU VISION is a fully improvised virtual musical featuring YOU, the audience!  Through open submissions of voice memos, videos, and pictures, the narrative will develop as each contribution is revealed to the actors in real time. Each show will always be a new story!  All submissions remain anonymous, so if you're interested submit here

Thursdays, 9pm from April 22nd - May 6th.

CAST: Angie Oliver, Claudia Martinez, Mo Phillips-Spotts, Kiley Fitzgerald, Louie Cordon & Terrance Lamonte Jr. With Musical Director Ryan Miera, Virtual Stage Manager Sam MacNerland, Producer Chris Rivas, and Directed by Jonald Jude Reyes.


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Green Show Live

Friday, February 5th, 8pm CST

Live green-screen sketch/variety show.

CAST: Alex Collyard, Siobhan Fitzgerald, Elsie How, Ashley Leisten, Derry McDermott, Austin Mooney, Andy Rowell TECH: Sam Macnerland


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Cigarette Sandwich:Live-Stream Power Hour

LAST SATURDAY of each month. Next date: February 27th.

The Annoyance Theatre's latest live stream is a watch-along party of snack sized videos submitted by local comedians. Cigarette Sandwich (Chicago's most sketch comedy group) will host in traditional power hour style, screening one video every minute with shots of beer in between. The hosts will be doing some live comedy and audience participation via chat, so... PLAY ALONG! Time has always been a construct, but now it really feels that way. The Power Hour count down gives time meaning again. Grab a few brews, and drink away the chaos, one minute at a time. Watch show on

CAST: Case Blackwell, Claire Favret, Karl Bradley, Bill Stern, Andy Bolduc, Tim Lamphier

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