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  • Improvised It's A Wonderful Life STREAM

    BACK 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM Anchor Show: Unanchored STREAM Improv Each Wednesday night, this cast will genre bend and mind meld with improv and original sketches until they find the answer to the question: Who am I in this world? Wednesday 7:00 PM WATCH Featuring TOP

  • The Annoyance Archive

    The Annoyance Archive Take a look back at some of your favorite Annoyance productions. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Select Year* 3rd Annual Allie and Ryan Christmas Extravaganza Live Accounting a Cult Asian Americans For You Bestworld Britney's Vegas Residency in Chicago! Burlesque is Gore 2022 Case 84: The Greatest Adoption Story Ever Told Christmas Karen 2 Clock Blockers Comedian Cabaret 2 Comedy Arts at the Annoyance presented by DePaul University David & David: Live at the Annoyance Dopeness Everything You're About to See is Normal and Okay! Fishbowl with Sight Unseen Gag Reflex God Gun! Gunsmoke Circus Hitch*Cocktails Hot Soup presents: Food Court A Parody of an Apple Event All the Wrong Places Baby Wine Black Stardust Broadway Camp for Adults presents: GROWING TOGETHER Burlesque is More Cast Party! (Improvised Fun) Christmas Karen 2 STREAM Co-Ed Prison Sluts Comedian Cabaret 3 Comedy of Disasters Dear Diary Dopeness: A Work in Process Extra Flava Flavor Flavour Gag Reflex: Chicago Comedy Roulette Goodnight Gladys Gushy takes you to the Cheesecake Factory Hitch*Cocktails 10th Anniversary Takeover Weekend Hotel Hitchcock Pop-Up Bar & Immersion A Very LoveFucked Un-Wedding Anchor Show: Unanchored Baby Wine STREAM Bob Fisher's Imporv Brunch Improv - Free! Burrrlesque is More Charlie Cook MRI Report Christmas Pageant Co-Ed Prison Sluts with Puppets! Comedian Cabaret 3 STREAM Comedytown After Dark Deep Schwa Dr. Mister's Hidden Hospital Faux Truths Flex Gag Reflex: Improv Power Hour Green Show Live Halloween Night Spooky Special Double Feature Hitch*Cocktails 10th Anniversary Takeover Weekend House Party AP5 Student Showcases - FREE! Anchor Show: Unanchored STREAM Batman the Unauthorized Parody Show Boy Band Buckley's Glass Brain Bussy Talks Chicago Gay Men's Chorus presents Lipstick & Lyrics on MTV Cigarette Sandwich Cold Pizza Comedy Presents: Search Bar Comedian Cabaret 666 DNA Comedy Presents: Solstice Deep Schwa STREAM Dream a Little Dream, Mummy Felonious Munk: CIVL Fest w/opener Rachel Hall Friendsh*t Gideon Pince's Specter Spectacular Grow Up! or Die Trying Hanukkah Comedy Show Hog's Heaven Pride Party Hunking-Evans Middle School Reunion Pageant AP6/2 Presents: The Fall of Mankind - FREE Annoyance Night Live with the Garden Boys Best of Annoyance Sketch Bring Your Own Team - Free! Burlesque is Gore CHIP Chats Christmas Comedian Cabaret 7 Clash of Colas 2 College NIght Comedian Cabaret: Chicago Comedy Roulette DNA Comedy presents: Shirts & Skins Devil's Daughter featuring FLEX Escapades Fire & Beer: The Annoyance House Ensemble Frostbite Girl Party Grow Up! or Die Trying STREAM Hi Chicago, I'm Harrison Holy Fuck Comedy Hour I Wanna Believe: An X-Files Parody Musical Load More PHOTO ALBUMS PHOTO ALBUMS THE HISTORY OF THE ANNOYANCE THE HISTORY OF THE ANNOYANCE THE ANNOYANCE ENSEMBLE THE ANNOYANCE ENSEMBLE TOP

  • Improvised It's A Wonderful Life STREAM

    BACK 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM Improvised It's A Wonderful Life STREAM Wednesday 12/20 8:00 PM Mainstage BUY TICKETS Improv They say “every time a bell rings, an angel get’s its wings,” but it’s not always that simple. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you hadn’t been born? You’d probably hope you’d be missed, but that doesn’t always ring true. George Bailey discovered that he prevented the pharmacist from accidentally poisoning a prescription, but what if you discovered you’re to blame for the largest poisoning of prescriptions, the Chicago Tylenol Murders, among other horrible things? Catch this improvised ridiculous rendition of Frank Capra’s holiday classic. Cast & Creative Team TOP

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