Colt Cabana Learns Improv

Colt Cabana Learns Improv

Sunday, May 1

9:20 PM

Watch a group of trained improvisers try to teach pro-wrestler Colt Cabana (AEW on TNT/TBS, The Chris Gethard Show, Maron) the art of improvisational comedy while making him dive in and do it. He is equipped with the ability to stop scenes and ask fundamental questions (such as Yes, And?) at all times, and the result is an educational, entertaining, larger than life experience for heels and babyfaces alike!

Opening acts include the best of local stand up comedians. May 1st will be Marty DeRosa (Comedians You Should Know, Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling)

Cast subject to change:
Jonah Jurkens
Chelsea Matkins
Amita Rao
Joe McDaniel
EJ Cameron
Sarah Shockey
Zach Thompson