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Local Woman

Local Woman



Local Woman is a solo show told by a semi-reliable narrator, sharing how one celebratory trolley ride turned into a real 'crawl out of your own ass' moment for one unsuspecting spinster. Our local woman (Kristin Ramsey) sets out on a journey towards self discovery, challenged by the repetitive nature of addiction and a lack of self love. Watch as she grows to appreciate things can always get worse, because they usually do when you don’t listen the first time. Like a phoenix rising from the flames of a trashcan fire, each week a new local woman will join Kristin on stage by playing the characters central to her transformation. Watch her relive the most significant moments of her 30th year, including sobriety attempted, dick gotten, therapy conquered and the perils of Scottsdale, AZ.

Directed by Sarah Ashley

Kristin Ramsey

Claire Favret

Elizabeth Andrews

Liz Kirkwood