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The Annoyance Christmas Pageant 2019

The Annoyance Christmas Pageant 2019



The Annoyance Christmas Pageant takes two well loved, holiday children specials and combines them into two acts. Charley Brown Christmas follows Charley Brown on his journey to find the true meaning of Christmas, while enduring the commercialization of the season, and insults from Lucy Van Pelt. In Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Sam the Snowman tells the tale of how young reindeer Rudolph runs away from home to be independent, with his new found friend Hermie. Together they meet Yukon Cornelius, a prospector searching for silver and gold, discover an island of misfit toys and learn that it's okay to be different from the pack. All while avoiding the Abominable Snow Monster of the North!


Directed by Chris Kervick

Assistant Director: Kendra Jamaica

Musical Director: Lisa McQueen


Cory Biggerstaff

James Harden


Ally Whitelaw

Alyssa Rivera

Bryson Howard

Cyntisha Coats

Elias Rios

Evan Mulrooney

Jack Bourgeois

Julie Schmerbeck

Karl Bradley

Kasey Soska

Louie Cordon

Wanjiku Kairu


Brittany Flynn

Emmalee Dixon

Evan Starkweather

Mac Cherny

Maria Konopken

Trey Hanks