To Thine Own Self Be Shrew

To Thine Own Self Be Shrew

Thurs. April 7

8 PM

To Thine Ownself Be Shrew
The Shrews are an inclusivity-oriented non-binary and female-identifying improv troupe, dedicated to theatrical improv in the style of William Shakespeare. Prepare yourself for an evening full of drama, puns, betrayal, romance, and laughter that would tickle even the Bard himself!

The Shrews are back again with a spin on a Shakespearean play. Will the Scottish play be about a Chicago mobster from the 1920s? Does a championship game of tip-cup clear up all the confusion in The Comedy of Errors? Do Romeo and Juliet live a long life together? We have no idea. The audience chooses the play, and the Shrews will create a recreation for you and only you. Join us for this special once in a lifetime show.

If you're interested in joining us as a performer in future productions, please reach out: