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AP3: Scene Work




8 Weeks

NOTE: Registration is Non-Refundable

Please be sure to read through our policies prior to registering.

About the Course:

AP3: Scene Work is about taking that next step in scenes. While AP2 focused on the beginning moments of a scene, in AP3 students are challenged to play with more complexity and style, juggling it all within a scene while always maintaining their strong point of view.

Aspects of this class include:

  • Acknowledging the realities of your scene partner

  • Scenic development: Finding the Highways and Bi-ways of a scene to extend its length

  • Managing context without getting in your head (the who/what/where/when/why/etc.)

  • Creating specific, surprising choices

  • Playing with Opposites and Curve Balls

  • Creating and playing with multiple patterns or games in a scene

  • In-depth three person and group scene work

  • Protecting and Playing the Freak

  • Learning how to repair a scene that isn’t working

  • Managing forms and style

  • DaDa scenes (playing fiercely without needing to “make sense”)

  • Justification: how to use it not out of fear but as a tool.

  • Personal challenge and goals based on individual feedback

Students must have completed AP2 to take this course.

Note: Registration is Non-Refundable.

Please be sure to read through our policies prior to registering.



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