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Solo Showcase: Find Your Voice




4 weeks 1 day/week, 2.5 hrs

NOTE: Registration is Non-Refundable

Please be sure to read through our policies prior to registering.

About the Course:


4-week course - 1 day/week

This class is all about you- literally! Over the course of four weeks, actors will explore their personal voice by creating solo material through improv, writing exercises, and physical movement. Our first two weeks will be focused on content creation and character exploration and the last two weeks will focus on honing in on your point of view, the editing process, and perfecting your performance. This class will culminate in a Solo Showcase Show on the Annoyance Main Stage!

Instructor Bio: Josie Benedetti is a performer, director, and writer with a BFA in Performance. She has done numerous iterations of her own solo show, People Person, across the city and country. Josie is a graduate of the Severn Darden Program at Second City, a contributor at Reductress, and currently performs at the Annoyance with Holy Fuck and Trigger Happy. Josie directs and produces Baby Wants Candy, Shamilton, and Improvised Sitcom at the Second City.

Showcase Date: Sunday 7/2 6:30pm

Note: Registration is Non-Refundable.

Please be sure to read through our policies prior to registering.



Internships Available!

Did you know that Annoyance offers internships in exchange for free classes? 

Got an idea for a show?

Whether your thing is improv, sketch, an original play, musical, or something else, The Annoyance is always accepting pitches for new shows.

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