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Summer Intensive II




5 Days M-F

NOTE: Registration is Non-Refundable

Please be sure to read through our policies prior to registering.

About the Course:

What's the difference between Intensive 1 and Intensive 2? Intensive 2 is more advanced! Our regular classes run for 20 hours over eight weeks, and here we're cramming 6 hours into one day. So Intensive 2 is designed to provide more of that information students would have missed while also building on lessons learned in Intensive 1.

The Annoyance Training Center teaches students how to develop and maintain a strong individual voice in their improvisation. These intensives will address the initiation of a scene; developing and maintaining strong characters; learning to hold on to your initial choices while at the same time, expanding on (heightening) the choices you have made; and learning to become deft at creating and weaving unexpected, character-based choices into your work.

Annoyance classes challenge the conventional wisdom of the rules of improvisation, examining what’s behind them and how they came to be in the first place. Simply put, we make you the best improviser YOU can be. All of our intensive teachers are ensemble members who have learned and performed with The Annoyance, and thus have first-hand experience with the way we approach improvisation.

Intensives will run daily (M-F) from 10 am-5 pm with a 1-hour break for lunch. 

There will also be some exclusive evening workshops 5-7 pm (featuring Mick Napier, Sam Locke, Music Improv, and Hitch*Cocktails) and a student showcase show from 6-7 pm Friday night.

Note: Registration is Non-Refundable.

Please be sure to read through our policies prior to registering.



Internships Available!

Did you know that Annoyance offers internships in exchange for free classes? 

Got an idea for a show?

Whether your thing is improv, sketch, an original play, musical, or something else, The Annoyance is always accepting pitches for new shows.

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