Workshops for Performers

Improv Teaser

This workshop will give up to 18 improvisers a foundation in Annoyance’s specific philosophy of strong initiation with commitment to characters and choices, withholding judgment, and play with abandonment. The workshop will move quickly and challenge participants with personal and specific feedback to think on their feet and find their own voice, And have a kick-ass time doing so.


Every year, hundreds of students travel to Chicago to train in weeklong intensives offered by our training center. Save the flight and let us come to you. We’ll bring 2 or more faculty members to your space to offer you an in-depth immersion into The Annoyance’s improv philosophy, covering a range of subjects that can also be customized to the needs of your theater or organization. We recommend this intensive culminating in an improvised show, performed by the students.


Nathan Fox, Chair, MFAVN Dept. School of Visual Arts:

"I wanted to reach out and say thank you. Really enjoyed being part of the second class, your workshop and know the students truly enjoyed the experience and time with you in the studio."

Chris J. Rock, Director, Hive Improv Berlin:

"The Annoyance brings the passion and energy to take you by the collar and shake the improv out of you. Players who are often timid were leaping on stage in a frenzy. All the while we hit the marks for a good understanding of improv and the Annoyance Theatre. Excellent instructor and performer."


Nancy Safavi, Laugh Index Theatre, Washington, DC:

"We truly enjoyed having Annoyance Theatre perform and teach at our annual comedy festival.  Many of the students commented on how approachable the instructors were and how beneficial it was to learn about their unique approach. I found them to be an absolute joy to work with and to have!"

Artistic Director, Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival:

"The Annoyance Theatre’s improv workshop took improv to a deeper level without making it pretentious. I consider training with them absolutely mandatory for anyone who takes improv seriously. It was a fun, accessible, great way to break into more advanced improv, reinvigorating one’s love of the improvisational art form."