Workshops and Training for Business

Customized Skills-Workshops

For businesses wanting personalized, hands-on training in smaller group settings (up to 25 students per group). Choose one or more skills to be the focus of your workshop:

  • Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Innovation Skills

Workshops feature a series of exercise-games that break down the elements of communication, presentation and innovation, and illustrate real, substantive tactics for creating effective, positive communication, powerful connection, and uninhibited idea generation.

Think-Fast Seminar

Our instructors will lead an interactive seminar for a large group (over 25 people), featuring concepts from improvisation that encourage quick-thinking, idea generation, and positive, effective communication. This workshop is highly interactive with fun, unintimidating exercises; perfect for reaching a large number of employees at once.


Lauren Adler, Global Account Manager | Financial Services Office - Ernst and Young:

"We hired The Annoyance for a bespoke corporate team building event with a group from one of the “Big 4” Consulting Firms, who had no experience whatsoever with improv. The teachers worked hard to make everyone feel comfortable and before they knew it, the team was enjoying themselves. As a result of the event, the team members got to know each other in new ways and communication became easier. The Annoyance teachers were both dynamic leaders who know how to make any group feel comfortable, communicate better, and most importantly, have fun while doing it."

Lynn Mione, Partner Operations Lead, Yext:

"I had so much fun!  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how some of the key concepts behind successful improv directly translate to the business world. The instructor did a great job facilitating and making sure everyone was having fun and comfortable."

Aaron Harvey, Co-Founder, Ready Set Rocket:

"Annoyance’s improv workshop offered our team great advice on improving self-awareness, teamwork and brainstorming activities. I would recommend it to any business owner as a fun team-building exercise!"

Elizabeth Williams, Director of Alumni Relations and Budget Manager, Columbia University:

"The Annoyance led a fantastic improv session for us. It was engaging, dynamic, and kept the session brisk and relevant to our work — no small feat at the tail end of a half-day meeting in a room of nearly 400 people! I’d highly recommend The Annoyance to anyone looking to bring fun and energy into a professional event."