We offer a range of workshop and entertainment options for your business, college, or community.

Any of our Workshops and Shows can be combined for a 30% discount if you want a premiere experience of both learnings from and then watching professional improvisers showcase their skills in an original show!


Corporate Training

Workshops feature a series of exercise-games that break down the elements of communication, presentation, and innovation. We illustrate real, substantive tactics for creating effective, positive communication, powerful connection, and uninhibited idea generation.

Workshops for Performers

Our workshops will give improvisers a foundation in Annoyance’s specific philosophy of strong initiation with a commitment to characters and choices, withholding judgment, and play with abandonment. Perfect workshops to bring to your college, theatre, performing arts group, festival, or community.


Comedy breaks the ice and brings people together. The Annoyance offers three fully customizable types of shows for your company or event.