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Pitch a Show:

Whether your thing is improv, sketch, an original play, musical, or something else, The Annoyance is always accepting show pitches for live in-person shows, as well as for our Twitch and YouTube channels.

In order to submit a show to The Annoyance, please send a PDF of your pitch to or use the submission link below.

Things to include:

1. Is this a live in-person show or a pitch for our Twitch or YouTube Channels?

2. What kind of show is it?  Improv/Sketch/Play/Musical/Variety or something else?

3. A concise two to three sentence description of your show.

4. A detailed breakdown of how a typical show would play out.

5. A marketing plan explaining how you intend to get butts in seats.

6. A few images that give us a feel of the vibe of the show.

7. A list of team members involved in the show.

8. Do you plan to hold auditions?

9. Do you intend for this to be an Annoyance Production or a rental?

10. Past productions you've been involved with.

11. Social media handles or video clips of past performances.

12. What makes your show different from others of its kind?

13. Any other information you think would be relevant.  

If you need a little guidance on what a great pitch looks like, you can find an example here.


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Mick Napier, Artistic Director

Under the guidance of Artistic Director Mick Napier, The Annoyance provides excellent quality training

in improvisation.


Based on Napier’s book Improvise: Scene From the Inside Out, the Annoyance philosophy focuses on the individual, giving students feedback and support to allow them to find and enhance their personal point of view and creative voice.

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The Annoyance is a safe space for

our Transgender friends and allies.

If you see or experience harassment or discrimination, please report it to a member of our staff.

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