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AP4: Finding Your Voice




8 Weeks (1 day/week, 2.5 hrs)

NOTE: Registration is Non-Refundable

Please be sure to read through our policies prior to registering.

About the Course:

Through individual feedback, setting performance goals, and identifying and breaking habits, AP4 offers fine-tuning and involves the following aspects:

  • Stretching the performer

  • Pushing unique specificity

  • Keeping voice in multiple person scenes, split-scenes

  • Making rich, varied environments

  • Embodying the character and embellishing the world

  • Organic improv ∼ developing a scene based on physical and emotional choices u

Prerequisite: Students must have completed AP3 to take this class.

This class will culminate in an optional student showcase at The Annoyance on the final Sunday of the term.

Classes meet once a week on the same day each week, M-Thu 6:30-9pm and Sun 1-3:30pm

Note: Registration is Non-Refundable.

Please be sure to read through our policies prior to registering.


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Internships Available!

Did you know that Annoyance offers internships in exchange for free classes? 

Got an idea for a show?

Whether your thing is improv, sketch, an original play, musical, or something else, The Annoyance is always accepting pitches for new shows.

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