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The Annoyance Theatre's Comedy Conservatory is a comprehensive 24-week program designed to give comedy students the tools they need to survive, succeed, and excel in the increasingly competitive world of the entertainment industry.


Application Process

Candidates will be asked to submit a resumé, a short video (up to 5 minutes) that you feel best represents your comedic sensiblity. (The video may feature you in it, or be something for which you were the primary creative vision and decision maker i.e. script, direction, art direction and cinematography). It should be accompanied by a short cover letter (just a few paragraphs!) describing your project, your comedy background and your goals in the comedy-entertainment industry.

Spring / Summer 2022 Term Dates:

Application Deadline: 2/25/22

March 21, 2022 - September 12, 2022

     July 4th holiday weekend observed

     Memorial Day holiday weekend observed

Cost of Program: $6500

10% Early Payment Discount:

$5850 payment in full by 2/10/22

Financing terms available: (Automatic payments required; $200 financing fee)

 $2233 down-payment by 3/1/2022

 $1489 on 4/1/2022

 $1489 on  6/1/2022

 $1489 on  8/1/2022

I'm interested... need more info

Thank you for your interest!

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