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Cassidy Russell

Cassidy Russell

Cassidy Russell has been improvising since middle school (cool!). You can see her perform weekly at the Annoyance with Sight Unseen or at iO with Deep Schwa. Career highlights include getting her tongue cut out in Splatter Theatre and filming a commercial where all four of the other actors were cats. Otherwise, she's worked on It's Christmas Goddamnit (director), I Know What You Did Last Splatter (assistant director), so goddamn many improv and sketch shows, and runs Oddball Social Club. If you're thinking about taking one of her classes, she won a lot of high school theater awards, so she knows what she's talking about. Cassidy has appeared in multiple (multiple!) local car commercials. It's weird how lucky she is to get to work with the people she gets to work with.

Oddball Social Club
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