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Never Not Murder - Auditions

Please see info here for Elizabeth Fulton's play Never Not Murder:

Never Not Murder is a new original play written by Erica Salas seeking actors and understudies for our run at The Annoyance this summer (2024). This play has been written and will be performed in the style of classic film noirs of the 1940’s combined with influences and inspiration of Wes Anderson’s stage pictures and narration style. Set in 1944 in New York City, young Detective Frankie King finds himself tangled in a web of lies and love; and the seemingly only straight cop in New York City finds himself juggling love triangles, infidelity, and more importantly... keeping crooked bigwig Carl Mooney from becoming Mayor.

Rehearsals will be scheduled based on cast availability. We are anticipating weekly rehearsals, ramping up in our final two weeks with two rehearsals a week leading up to the show. We also are still in the process of finalizing our show dates with The Annoyance, so we'll factor in cast availability when locking in those dates. Strong availability is encouraged.

Auditions will be held at The Annoyance (851 W. Belmont) on Sunday, March 10th. There is no need to prepare anything prior to the audition. The audition will consist of introductions, short improv scenes, and either longer improv scenes leaning into genre work or cold reads. For transparency - we have internally cast some of the roles; however there are many lead roles, supporting roles, and understudy roles that we're still looking to cast. Character descriptions will be provided at the audition.

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