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DRAGPROV (non-Annoyance)

Following is an audition notice for a non-Annoyance show - we do not have any further information that what is listed below.

DragProv is a new show produced by Jimmy Gatliff (aka Dee Lou Chanel) that will be playing at The Second City's Donny's Skybox Theater at 10PM Fridays in September. 

The show will star a rotating cast of experienced drag queens each week with one or two special guests who will be doing drag for the first time. The majority of the show will be improv, but some sketch and music will be interspersed. There will also be an Improvised LipSynch each show, which is a new form we've created.

If you're interested in auditioning for the show, please fill out the form below. Auditions will take place on July 27 during the afternoon. Callbacks will be held the following week. 

There will be one rehearsal at Second City in August, date/time TBD.

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