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Bussy Talks

Bussy Talks

Bussy Talks: A Gender Performance
From the ashes of the Vagina Monologues rises the gender-non-conforming Bussy Talks. God bless our second wave feminist fore-mothers, but that look is busted, honey! All tea, no shade. This variety show event celebrates the dodges, ducks, dips, dives, and dodges of gender norms. Performers use song, dance, and direct address to tell personal stories about how they subvert the system and have a little fun along the way. They are not precious about it; they grab life by the bussy. Bussy Talks is a funny, honest, and irreverent celebration of gender fuckery.

Creative team: 

Hannah Blau (she/her) 

Naomi Flores (she/they)


Henry Alloway (he/they) 

Siah Berlatsky (she/her) 

Hannah Eisendrath (they/them) 

Anna De Ocampo Kain (she/they)

Gabriel Ozaki (any) 

Nikolai Sorokin (he/him)

Cavair Robinson (they/them) 

Asa Wallace (they/them)




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